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Want to save money on your utility bills? Gold Star Energy can help! Simply by lowering your rate, we can cut monthly utility costs by up to 20%. Click below to see how much you can start saving today!

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Gold Star Energy is a licensed energy broker based out of Beavercreek, Ohio. Our team of energy professionals have decades of experience and are ready to answer your utility questions.

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From your home to your local big box retail store, Gold Star can cut cost by lowering utility bills. Electricity and Natural Gas deregulation allows us to shop for the best prices, giving you the freedom to chose your energy provider.

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Your time is valuable - so why waste it waiting for quotes? Our quick and easy process lets you get utility prices within seconds. Like what you see? Sign up in minutes using our online utility partner programs.

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The Power is in Your Hands

As a homeowner, you know that monthly bills can pile up quick. Everything from mortgage payments to new school clothes, bills seem like an overwhelming, never-ending cycle....but you're not alone. The average homeowner spends roughly $5,000 a month on bills -- and Gold Star Energy is ready to help cut costs by giving you reduced rates on your monthly energy bills. You may not be able to control all of your bills, but with a low-cost energy plan from Gold Star Energy, the power to save money is put into your hands!

Measure the Efficiency of Your Home

Did you know that the government's Energy Star program was established to help consumers make smart choices when powering their homes? They have some great tools available to help you conserve energy, including the Home Energy Yardstick that measures your home's energy use compared to other homes in your area. Click the orange icon above to see how your home measures up.

Saving Energy on a Budget

Saving energy means saving money, but there are plenty of ways to save without spending a dime. From lowering the thermostat a degree, to utilizing power strips, we're here to help you save. Click on the dollar icon above to learn more budget-friendly ways to lower your energy bill.

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Gold Star Energy is proud to be partnering with Go Save Energy USA

Looking for more ways to cut down on your monthly electric or water bills? Look no further! GSE USA is your new home for all things energy savings.

From tips on how to make your home more energy efficient to connecting you with the latest green products available, Go Save Energy USA has you covered!

Pairing a low-cost Gold Star Energy plan with savings tips and high-efficiency products from Go Save Energy USA, is the best way to electrify your budget.

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