Residential Energy Solutions: Savings You Can Count On!

Since 2015, GSE has helped over 450,000 customers save on their residential energy bills in OH, PA, NJ, MI and MD. Whether you’d like to lower your rate, lock in your price, manage the length of your service or go green, our experts have consulted customers and helped navigate the switch to energy savings with ease.

You may be wondering why you would change energy providers, but the answer is simple: to save money! For many years, your local utility handled all three phases of the business, but after decades of growth, it was determined that consumers would benefit by having competition between suppliers via deregulation of the industries.

The electric and natural gas industries have three distinct components:

The SUPPLY portion. This is when the power is generated and where you have the power to choose who it comes from and how much it costs.

The long-distance TRANSMISSION of the power is next. 

And lastly the local DISTRIBUTION (delivery) to our homes.

With the ability to choose who supplies your natural gas and/or electricity, consumers benefit with, lower prices, price stability, longer-term contracts or energy produced by environmentally friendly sources. Gold Star Energy works with various suppliers, in several states, to give you, the homeowner, the power to choose your energy supply needs.


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